International adoption

1. The legal base for international adoptions conducted by the Centre:

Legal Act of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies dated 30.01.2012 published by MP Dziennik Urzędowy RP dated 09.02.2012 item 44.

2. The intentions of the Centre regarding a child:

  • The own family is the best environment for a child to grow in;
  • In the case there is no possibility to bring up a child in its own family it should be placed in a substitute family environment in the country of the child’s origin;
  • If there is no appropriate family in the child’s home country, a family from another country can adopt it.

3. Basic requirements of the Centre regarding a family from abroad:

  • The couple wishing to adopt a child must be married for at least 5 years;
  • The difference between the age of parents and that of a child should not exceed 40 years, taking into account the age of an older spouse;
  • The status of being qualified for international adoption needs to be granted by a licensed adoption organisation in the country of the parents’ origin;
  • Once a year during the 3 years following the adoption each family is required to submit to the Centre information regarding the development of the child;
  • Each family undertakes to raise the child allowing him/her to develop emotional relations with the country of origin;
  • When analysing applications preference is given to Catholic families, then to families of other Christian churches.

4. Adoption procedure

Our Centre does not accept individual applications, only those submitted by licensed adoption organisations.

It means that in order to adopt a child with the assistance of our Centre a couple should first contact one of the licensed adoption organisations in their own country (the organisation that has signed an agreement of co-operation with our Centre) and with its assistance acquire qualifications necessary to adopt a child from Poland. Each of these organisations (full list containing addresses and phone numbers can be found at the end of this document) receives then from us Information Cards of children qualified for international adoption. The Information Card contains basic data about the child, its biologic parents, health and psychophysical development. The organisation tries then to find the best family for that child among the ones qualified. When a married couple accepts the offer the Qualifying Commission of our Centre issues approval for their contact with the child.

The married couple makes the final decision after the contact with the child at the place of its residence. If they declare willingness to become its parents their adoption application needs to be submitted to the court. Afterwards they wait for the designation of the ‘time for personal contact’ with the child usually lasting a couple of weeks. This time is necessary to create relationships.

The end of the process is the court’s decision on adoption, basing on which and in accordance with the Polish law the candidates become parents and hold full subsequent rights. After the three-week period needed for the act to come into force and to issue a new birth certificate and a passport for the child, the parents can go back to their country together with the child.

The entire adoption procedure in Poland lasts several months and requires 2 or 3 visits to Poland in the meantime.

5. Information about children

In accordance with the Polish law, for each child a family from Poland is searched at first. Only when this turns out to be unsuccessful, the child can be officially qualified for international adoption. This is why many children to be adopted by families from abroad are the ones with problems. These can be medical problems – e.g. heart diseases, neurological disturbances, Hbs “+”, cleft palate and lip cleft, problems related to delays in development, emotional disturbances or hereditary transmission – e.g. mental illness of the biological parents. Another group consists of ‘older’ children, that is above the age of seven, or children with a number of brothers and sisters.

6. Information for adoption organisations

We co-operate with licensed adoption organisations and international associations in the area of international adoption of Polish children who, because of various reasons, have not found families in Poland.

We require current documents from the organizations:

  • national licence approving the organisation to adopt children from Poland,
  • accreditation of Polish Ministry of Labour and Social Policy,
  • status of the organisation,
  • current legal regulations valid in the country of the operations of the organisation.

Documents mentioned above should be translated into Polish by an accredited translator and signed by proper institutions.

The Centre does not accept individual applications. Neither do we work with persons who have not been approved by licensed organisations to adopt a Polish child.

7. Our activities

We have been conducting international adoptions since 10the of December 1998.

Till the end of 2011 we have placed 1321 children in 826 families. They have found homes in the USA, Italy, Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Norway, France and Denmark..

8. The Department of International Adoptions

The Department of International Adoptions offers help to all interested from Monday till Friday between 9am and 3pm. There is an English-speaking person available in the Centre. Tel/fax No.: (+48-22) 818-54-30.

9. Information about organisations co-operating with us:

Netherlands Stichting Kind En Toekomst Varsseveldsweg 2 a 70 25 GB Halle 0314 63 20 80
0314 63 16 14 (fax)
France Oeuvre de L’Adoption Foyer des Tout – Petits Place Alexandre I B 2.
82 000 Montauban
0.033 563 20 07 92
0.033 563 20 23 61 (fax)
Germany Eltern – Kind – Brücke Bonhoeffer Str.17
69 123 Heidelberg
0 62 21 83 31 48
0 62 21 83 31 38
Sweden BFA-A Children Above All Energigatan 11 SE-43437 Kungsbacka 0.046 300 331 30 0.046 300 331 30 (fax)
OPEN DOOR 218 E Jackson Street,
PO Box 4, Thomasville, GA 31799, USA
Adoption and Family Services
P.O. Box 7055, Tupelo
(662) 842.6752
(662) 840.7176
Children of All Nations 248 Addie Roy Rd. A102, Austin TX 78746 512-323-9595 ext. 3061
The Catholic Charities Maternity Adoption Department 651 West Lake Street Chicago Illinois 60 661, USA 312 655 70 00
312 655 72 67
Ferndale, WA 98248
Tel. 360 383 0623
Life Line 2104 Rocky Ridge Road
Birmingham AL 35216
205.967.0811 I 1.800.875.5595
(fax) 205.969.2137
Saint Mary International Adoptions 10801 Johnston Road, Suite 201
Charlotte NC 28226
Tel 704-527-7673
The Lutheran Service Society
of New York
6680 Main Street
P.O. Box 1963
Williamsville, New Jork 14231
Indianapolis, IN 46260
tel. 317-843-2300
fax. 317-843-2332
Global Adoptions Services Maryland
2046 Rashmore Court
Italy Solidarieta Viale Dante 104 85 100 Potenza 0.039 971 21 517
0.039 971 22 071 (fax)
La Primogenita Via Fiorini 6/B 29 100 Piacenza 0 523 71 64 13 (tel/fax)
NADIA via Fenil Novo 8
37036 San Martino Buon Albergo
+39 045 99 53 88
+39 045 87 96 68
In Cammino per la Famiglia Piazza Mozzini 58 16 030 Casarza Ligure(GE) +39 0 185 46 94 34
fax: +39 0185 469 433
La Cicogna Via Caraglio, 24 10 141 Torino 011 382 71 55
fax.011 3802 763 (fax)
skype: ass.cicogna1
N.A.A.A.Onlus Via San Maurizio 6,10073 Cirie (TO) 0039 011 92 22 178
La Dimora Via Taormina 1, 97100 Ragusa 0932 62 50 80
AFN – Famiglia Nuove Via Isonzo 64
00046 Grottaferrata, Rzym
0039 069411565
Fax. 0039 069411614
Il Convertino Via Gavazzeni 11
24 125 Bergamo
+39 035 459 8320
Fax. +39 035 459 8325
Spain Creixer Junts c/. Barón de Pinopar, 4, 4° C
07012 Palma de Mallorca (Illes Ballears)
Tel. +34 971-71-94-23
Fax. +34 971-72-72-70
EKAI 3ai Avd.Alfonso XEL Sabio n° 11
5°D 3000 8 Murcia
tel. 34 971 7194 23
Fax. 34 971 7188 08
Belgium HET KLEINE MIRAKEL Vrijwilligersstraa1 10 bus 8
2340 Beerse, Belgia
+32 477-712-183
+32 479-523-743
Norway Adopsjonsforum P.O Box 2364 Solli
N-0201 Oslo
tel. 47 232 80 800
fax. 47 232 80 801